Saudi Arabia’s Goals in Yemen

Islam Times , 17 Nov 2009 8:14

An increase of air and ground attacks by the non-democratic Saudi Arabian government against the Shia of Yemen has been seen. Saudi Arabia is also after expanding into Southern Yemen.

Saudi Arabia has been trying to take over a portion of Southern Yemen since 1990 when Southern and Northern Yemen unified. Since that time they have also interfered in Yemen’s affairs in order to spread their influence throughout the country.

Another one of their goals is to decrease the influence of the two Shia Zaydi tribes that are located in the North-Western region of Yemen. Wahhabi Saudi Arabians have established over 400 schools in Northern Yemen in order to spread their religious beliefs.

This is why the Saudi Arabian army, mostly consisting of Wahhabi soldiers, has directly entered the war against the Shia of Yemen with the excuse of protecting border security. The Saudi Arabian government is using money and the media to achieve its goals; goals which are on the same line as those of the Zionist regime and America. The western and Arab media are presenting the war in Yemen in the favor of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia has defied Yemen’s independence and entered the soil of Yemen. They have committed the most heinous crimes against the Shia of Yemen. But, the world is also committing a crime by remaining silent.

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