Apology from the Egyptian rebels to the Bahraini rebels

13 Nov 2011 10:03

Islam Times –“Those who fight righteousness are defeated by it”, this is how Imam Ali – may Allah honor him – forged deep meanings in a simple sentence. No one can defeat what is right, even if he has the “Peninsula Shield Forces” or a thousand shields and swords; the truth is sharper than a sword, and harder than the hardest armor.

Islam Times: My rebel brothers in Bahrain, allow me to apologize, as a rebel from the Arab Egypt, to our people and families in Bahrain; many times have we uttered the famous slogan “from Marrakesh to Bahrain, one people, not two peoples”. Yes we apologize to you rebels oh Bahrain, since no one cares about your erupting boiling blood, and we have been so busy and held up and it is time for time to go back to their natural state. The honorable Bahraini revolution has suffered long enough; your honorable revolution has been surrounded by lies, deceit, manipulation, religious opinions of the Sheikhs of the Kings who lick the shoes of the Gulf rulers and have accepted such things for a cheap trade and sold their consciences and religious opinions for a handful of oil dollars, dinars, and riyals. They spoke of the movement of our Bahraini brothers and sisters as a sectarian movement, and treacherously justified the Peninsula Shield Forces’ crushing of the opposition, so the circle of revenge widened, and so while the rebels in Bahrain were demanding internal reforms they now have a thousand more rights to demand and a vengeance to settle with every regime that betrayed the Arabs and Islam and got involved in murdering the steadfast Bahraini people. Oh ruler of misguidance, a murderer is killed even if after a while, and you will be punished O men of rule and acclaimed wisdom.

You lying hypocrites… of what sect are you speaking? And the demands were – and remain – to form a constitutional monarchy through drafting a new constitution, under which a government is chosen from an elected parliament and not through the King’s appointment of the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister in Bahrain – the uncle of the King – has been dwelling in his position for more than 40 years!! When the rebels in Bahrain ask to cancel the 2002 constitution which makes the parliament a ridiculous ornament for a dictatorship, is that considered a sectarian demand?  When the rebels in Bahrain ask to cancel the legislative jurisdiction of the Shura Council which is appointed by the King, is that considered sectarian? Are demands like releasing the detainees, having the freedom to form parties, and freedom of opinion and expression considered sectarian demands? We know that the Arab tyrants’ time has ended, especially after they say with their own eyes what happened! After the blood returned to the Arab veins, and the peoples whom they though had long been dead went out to demand justice, freedom, independence from dependency on Americans and Israeli; the rulers of misguidance felt threatened so they made alliances to keep their thrones and the wealth of our peoples in their bellies especially in the oil region.

America fears the emergence of revolutions demanding independence and progress there; the American economy as we know is in its worst condition, and the Wall Street protests and the global financial crisis confirm a crack that is widening every day in the capitalistic organization, and hence any shock that removes America from controlling the oil region simply means the demise of the American Empire. The American economy, as we said, will not tolerate any more surprises in that region in particular, and this is why no one in the west opened his mouth regarding what is happening in Bahrain. Martyrs are falling, and every funeral is at risk of being converted to new funerals, the latest of which happened at the funeral of Ali Al-Daihi father of the Bahraini opposition member Hussein Al-Daihi the Vice Secretary-General of the Bahraini Wifaq association (National Accord Association), where the funeral was brutally assaulted by the security forces as usual, even Ali Al-Daihi (70 years of age) was not spared the brutality of their lies and as he was meeting his Lord, the Bahraini authorities said that his death was caused by a heart attack, but the truth is that he was viciously assaulted in front of his house at the hands of the anti-riot forces and was badly injured which caused his death.

When the Bahraini authorities were lying, arresting, and killing rebels in Bahrain, Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa the King of Bahrain was visiting the ousted agent Mubarak in his presidential suite at the international Medical center, and the visit came with clear Saudi pressures and preparations after Susanne Mubarak threated to expose the political, economic, and sexual secrets of the oil rulers, and Hamad came to shake hands with Mubarak. The Egyptian and Bahraini bloods combined since both hands are sinners and drip one blood, since Egyptian blood is Bahraini Blood, One Arab blood and the murderer is one since both tyrants are spies for the Zionist-American project in the region. Hamad carried with him financial documents worth billions of dollars to be transferred after Mubarak signs them to secure accounts that cannot be recovered by the Egyptian judiciary. According to a statement issued by our rebel brothers of the “February 14 Revolution Supporters”, and after thousands demonstrated in the Bahraini capital Manama in condemnation of their tyrant Hamad bin Isa visiting our tyrant Mubarak, truly you are great my brothers. We thank your appreciation to our Egyptian revolution, and confirm our apologies to you when we were too busy the past months, and we assure you that those who allowed this suspicious visit to happen is the Military Council that is a complicit to the Mubarak regime; the Egyptian rebels stand with you with all of their consciousness, and they reject to desecrate the land of Arab Egypt by welcoming the Bahraini people murderer Hamad bin Isa.

My Bahraini rebel brothers, hold on… those who fight the truth and righteousness, are defeated by them, regardless of long the period of injustice and oppression is, the sun of justice and freedom will rise tomorrow. My Bahraini rebel brothers, let your faith be an inextinguishable flame, our hearts are with you and our prayers are with you may you be victorious soon, God willing.

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