The Upcoming Egyptian Election Will Witness “A Battle of War and Armed Fraud”

17 Nov 2011 10:33

Cairo (Islam Times) - The experts and advisers expected that the upcoming election will witness a sort of “armed fraud”, and said that the delay of the law of political isolation against the remnants of the disbanded National Party until couple of days before the elections cause a state of judicial chaos specially after the abolition of the law issued by the administrative court in Mansoura the bares any member of the National Party from running.

Journalist Abdullah Sinawi, former editor of the “The Nasiri Arab” newspaper, said: “we are facing judicial chaos after the government's delay in issuing the law of political isolation, pointing out that the state of absence of governmental power which we are now living is the reason behind the threats of some to raise chaos if elections are to be postponed.

Sinawi added:”The only option we have is to run for this elections because there is bullying powers around us, but in return there will be disasters since we have fears of “armed fraud” in the elections”. As he criticized the performance of the military junta in not taking a single political decision like disbanding the National Party and issuing a law of “Political Treachery” against its remnants, and everything was by recourse of the judiciary, and said “The military junta must exercise its’ authority and be a little biased to the revolution because the elections will be more of a war battle”.

Sinawi described the disbanded National Party as not being a party in the conventional sense, but it was more of a political form and an extension of the state bodies and security and was a party of state and security which gives a political form to the individual dictatorial rule.

Mohamad Hamed Al-Jamal, the former Head of the Council of State, said that is important to issue the law preventing candidates of the disbanded National Party, making it illegal for them to run for the elections noting that the Supreme Administrative court law which was issued today halts the law of preventing the National Party candidates from running in Mansoura.

Al-Jamal clarified that the state agencies had to be cleansed in order to rebuild the state, but what happened was the opposite since all the agencies include leaders which were loyal to the former regime considering that the fact that there is no leaders to the revolution or a regulatory body after the revolution broke up led to the taking off of power by the military junta as if it was from the leaders’ board of the revolution taking into consideration that the armed forces are not revolutionary. 

He also stressed that there is a large gap between the military junta and the demands of the rebels, since none of the demands had been answered in line with the economic pressure Egyptians are living without any interference from the government. Supposedly, the junta acquired its legitimacy from the revolution and thus had to take decisions and legislations that pursue and solve problems as he demanded to postpone the elections since it is “Impossible to be held” as he said.

Dr. Nabil Luke Bebawy, the former leader of the disbanded National Party, defended the right of the remnants to run for the parliamentary elections and mentioned that keeping members of the party away from running for the upcoming elections is a “violation of the Constitution”. He added that according to his information that 80% of the members of the National Party did not run for elections and that if the remnants should be punished then the judiciary and the heads of parties and officers under the former regime should also be punished because they took part of the corruption of the political life by rigging the elections.

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