Wednesday 1 February 2012 12:52
Occupy DC protesters rally to save 'tent of dreams' amid threats
Islam Times - The Occupiers' Tent of Dreams now symbolizes a tent of defiance after park police told members of the DC Occupy movement to remove it. Paul Ferro tried to do it himself until Occupy members stopped him and surrounded him. He said covering the statue only destroys the park.
Occupy DC protesters rally to save
Relations between demonstrators and law enforcement have been strained recently after several arrests over the past few weeks, which included one of their members being tasted. There have also been allegations of police abuse.

Attorneys for the group say issues surrounding police treatment of occupiers is being addressed in court.

On Monday, the encampment was given a deadline to move out by federal authorities. But protesters erected the even larger tent rather than leave.

Occupy members are trying a last minute attempt to block enforcement of the camping ban here in McPherson square. A federal judge will hear arguments from several occupy members who are hoping to defend their presence here as a first amendment right. A ban went to affect here on Monday, but as you can see campers still remain.

A U.S. District Judge ruled that protesters will have a chance to contest any eviction plans.

After a two-hour general assembly, the group planned to keep up the tent only if they were allowed to sleep overnight. If they were forced to leave, the police would have to remove the tent themselves.

The standoff between Occupiers and police is intensifying but for right now, it is a waiting game.
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