Monday 20 February 2012 11:59
Benjamin Netanyahu's bureau chief to resign over 'misconduct'
Islam Times - The bureau chief of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is set to tender his resignation after “harassing a female staffer” while in office.
Benjamin Netanyahu
Natan Eshel will resign by March 1 after he signs a plea bargain admitting to charges of “misconduct and damaging civil service discipline.”

According to the plea bargain, Eshel will admit to taking “inappropriate” photos of the woman and accessing her computer without her knowledge. Eshel has claimed in a statement that the “affair had no sexual aspect to it.”

“It is clear to me that I was dragged into being excessively involved in the (female) employee's affairs. I should have avoided it,” Eshel said in his statement.

The Israeli official will not seek another position within the civil service, reports say.

Netanyahu has reportedly asked a close associate of his wife, Gil Sheffer, to replace Eshel as his new bureau chief.
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