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When BBC calls, don’t answer
27 July 2014 11:43

When BBC calls, don’t answer

Islam Times - That is, don’t answer, if you are a certified critic of Israeli policies and practices.

Does Russia (and humanity) have a future?
27 July 2014 11:42

Does Russia (and humanity) have a future?

Islam Times - The Russian government has finally realized that it has no Western “partners,” and is complaining bitterly about the propagandistic lies and disinformation issued without any evidence whatsoever against the Russian government by Washington, its European vassals, and presstitute media.

Netanyahu Said To Have Offered Lewinsky Tapes For Pollard
27 July 2014 11:30

Netanyahu Said To Have Offered Lewinsky Tapes For Pollard

Islam Times - Israel attempted to use tapes of former US president Bill Clinton’s steamy conversations with intern Monica Lewinsky to leverage the release of Jonathan Pollard, a new book on the Clinton family’s political enterprises has claimed.

The Palestinians’ Right to Self-Defense
27 July 2014 11:28

The Palestinians’ Right to Self-Defense

Islam Times - If Israel insists, as the Bosnian Serbs did in Sarajevo, on using the weapons of industrial warfare against a helpless civilian population then that population has an inherent right to self-defense under Article 51 of the United Nations Charter.

Two-year-old Palestinian girl Naama Abu al-Foul sleeps after undergoing treatment at Gaza City’s Al-Shifa hospital following Israeli bombing next to her family’s home in the battered city, July 23, 2014.
27 July 2014 11:26

American Choice: Genocide Or Justice?

Islam Times - US top diplomat John Kerry says a ceasefire deal in Gaza is close but there is still a way to go for one to be implemented.

US Intelligence: Russia Didn’t Do It
27 July 2014 11:24

US Intelligence: Russia Didn’t Do It

Islam Times - After days of placing hostile blame for the downing of the Malaysian airliner on Russia, the White House permitted US intelligence officials to tell reporters that there is no evidence of the Russian government’s involvement.

Al Quds Day 2014 – It begins here
26 July 2014 10:19

Al Quds Day 2014 – It begins here

Islam Times - Muslims across the world will be taking to the streets today to protest against the atrocities and crimes committed by Israel against the defenseless and innocent people of Gaza.

Ayatollah Khomeini’s heritage – Al Quds Day
24 July 2014 15:23

Ayatollah Khomeini’s heritage – Al Quds Day

Islam Times - International Day of al-Quds is an annual event, supporting a just peace for Palestine, and opposing Apartheid Israel’s control of Jerusalem, the international city that stands as a powerful symbol to three of the world’s great religious traditions.

Al Quds Day - Standing up to tyranny and Zionists
24 July 2014 15:12

Al Quds Day - Standing up to tyranny and Zionists

Islam Times - Every year, al-Quds rallies are held worldwide on the last Friday of Ramadan. They are important because they remind the Muslims as well as non-Muslims that the first qibla of Muslims remains under alien occupation. Its liberation is the responsibility of every Muslim.

Foundation of the US Empire: Axes of Evil
23 July 2014 11:25

Foundation of the US Empire: Axes of Evil

Islam Times - Empires are not easy to sustain given the multiple enemies that they provoke: at the international level (imperial rivals and emerging new powers), at the national level (national resistance movements, unreliable clients and untrustworthy ‘Sepoy’ armies) and at the local level (boycotts,...

Ukrainian State Emergency Service employees collect the bodies of victims at the site of the crash of a Malaysia Airlines plane in Grabove, in east Ukraine, July 20, 2014.
22 July 2014 14:33

How American propaganda works

Islam Times - Why hasn’t Washington joined Russian President Putin in calling for an objective, non-politicized international investigation by experts of the case of the Malaysian jetliner?

Pieces of wreckage of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 are pictured on July 18, 2014 in Shaktarsk, the day after it crashed. Flight MH17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur.
22 July 2014 14:31

White House 'leak': Ukraine did it

Islam Times - In an article today by Robert Parry in Consortium News, an intelligence source we know to be a ranking White House official told Parry the US is sitting on satellite imagery depicting Ukrainian forces shooting down MH17.

Paramedics carry a child into a hospital in Rafah, southern Gaza, following an Israeli airstrike.
22 July 2014 09:36

Children scarred by Gaza violence as entire families lost

Islam Times - Children are suffering from the devastating consequences of escalating Israeli violence in the Gaza Strip, with entire families lost in single airstrikes and severe physical injuries likely to require long-term medical treatment.

Emergencies Ministry members walk at the site of a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 plane crash near the settlement of Grabovo in the Donetsk region, July 17, 2014.
21 July 2014 13:11

Malaysia MH17 and Iran Air 655: A medal for terrorism

Islam Times - Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur crashed in Ukraine near the Russian border. MH17 had 295 people on board — 280 passengers and 15 crew members. Western media has gone into overdrive mode in reporting that the plane was deliberately shot down.

Employees of the Ukrainian State Emergency Service look at the wreckage of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 two days after it crashed in a sunflower field near the village of Rassipnoe, in east Ukraine, on July 19, 2014.
21 July 2014 13:10

Will Russia shoot down West’s lies?

Islam Times - They don't call it the "gutter press" for nothing. But Western so-called news media sunk to new toxic depths over the weekend in their coverage of the Malaysian airliner downed over Ukraine - and the death of all 298 people on board.

What the Media Won’t Report About Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17
21 July 2014 13:05

What the Media Won’t Report About Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17

Islam Times - Just days after the tragic crash of a Malaysian Airlines flight over eastern Ukraine, Western politicians and media joined together to gain the maximum propaganda value from the disaster.

Special Features of the "Global Quds Day" From Imam Khomeini
21 July 2014 12:59

Special Features of the "Global Quds Day" From Imam Khomeini's View

Islam Times - Quds Day: Day of confrontation of the oppressed against the oppressors Quds Day is a global day. It is not a day exclusively for Quds. It is a day when the oppressed confront the oppressors.

Imam Khomeini
21 July 2014 12:56

Imam Khomeini's Speech About Fighting the Illegitimate Occupiers of Quds

Islam Times - The Necessity of Nations' Awakening Muslims must keep Quds Day alive. I have repeatedly commented regarding Israel's avarice and that it will not be content with the lands it has already occupied.

Smoke billows from a building in Gaza following and Israeli air assault.
21 July 2014 12:19

Real jihad is in Palestine

Islam Times - As of Sunday, Israel was killing Palestinians at a rate of more than 100 per day. Most of the victims are civilians, including large numbers of children, who are being intentionally targeted.

A Palestinian child, whose house was shelled by Israeli forces in Gaza City, at al-Shifa hospital, Gaza City, July 18, 2014
21 July 2014 12:18

Israeli’s days surely numbered

Islam Times - Despite its huge American-backed military and media firepower, the Israeli regime is all but defeated. The Western-sponsored Zionist entity has lost militarily and morally in the eyes of the world as it pounds mercilessly the besieged civilian population of Gaza.