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Iran Intelligence Ministry Details recent Sabotage Operations

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Iran Intelligence Ministry Details recent Sabotage Operations
"The events of recent days in some parts of the country had obvious and tangible developments behind the scenes. The security forces for the purposeful hunting of the main elements of panic and destruction, with an intangible presence in the scene of riots and helping his selfless, powerful and proud brothers and sisters in the police command of the Islamic Republic and accompanying the Basij forces", The Ministry of Intelligence announced on Friday in a statement.

"At the same time, they have allocated the central part of their mission to paying attention and energy on monitoring and tracking the organizers and masterminds behind the scenes, including foreign elements to Albanian-centered terrorists and other anti-Iran groups and cults established by colonialism and their internal puppets," the statement read.

Identification of foreign elements engaged in unrest

The Ministry of Intelligence noted: "In the past days, when the activities of the hidden layers of sedition intensified, the possibility of identifying malicious and terrorist perpetuates also increased. On the other hand, due to the increase in the activity of foreign supporters and other organizers of panic and destruction, their internal mercenaries became more and more excited going out of their camouflage, and thus, the possibility of identifying and arresting them became more and more available for the important mission in a way that Ministry of Intelligence's mission to be realized at a high level."

Activities of US and UK spy agencies

Moreover, it is worth mentioning that the scene of confrontation between the defenders of the homeland and the order and security of the country in the past days was faced with a series of diverse group elements, agents of foreign spy organizations, the direct involvement of the American and British governments and their Saudi followers, as well as the ignorant and deceived details of the rioters on the streets.

The Ministry of Intelligence emphasized: "According to the requirements of the general conditions of the country and as far as the security considerations allow, a part of the discoveries and arrests on the scene and behind the settings will be released:

The arrest of MKO terrorists

1- In the past days, 49 perpetuates, and associates of the MKO terrorist group have been arrested. According to the orders of the Albanian-centered terrorists, the contained elements were actively involved in producing fake news that incites the rioters to organize terror and destruction, directing slogans, being directly present at the scenes of street riots and destroying public property, providing various equipment to confront the police and explosive materials for setting fire to public and private places and cars.

Arrest of Kurdish outfits like Komleh Demokrat, Pak, Pejak

2- The arrest of 77 members of Kurdistan outfits, including the official mercenaries of the Zionist-sponsored outfit known as Komleh, Demokrat, PAK, PEJAK, and some of the high-ranking cadres of these outfits who were conspiring against the oppressed people of Kurdistan on both sides of the western borders of the country.

Among those arrested are a prominent cadre and a member of the politburo of one of the groups that reside in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. He received military training in the American-Zionist bases of the mentioned region and is known as an outstanding military commander.

He was designing, organizing, and directing the riotous cells for the country's western region; he was arrested and transferred to predetermined locations during a surprise operation and is currently in prison.

The arrest of takfiri elements with 36 kg of explosives,

3- The arrest of 5 members of takfiri-terrorist groups along with 36 kg of explosives, who, using the opportunity of riots, tried to plant bombs in public circles as well as among the rioters and attributing the explosions to the opposite sides of each, to intensify the conflict between the parties in conflict.

In addition to the plan to assassinate one of the country's top officials, the mentioned terrorists had plans to plant bombs in one of Shiraz's mourning gatherings and in Mashhad's Martyrs' Square, which were foiled.

Baha'i spy organization

4- The Baha'i spy organization, according to the order of the politburo based in the occupied Haifa, had a large-scale entry into the scene of chaos and disorder and encouraged vandalism and destruction of public places.

Based on this, in recent days, the central and secret politburo of Baha'i, including three Baha'i senior officials and two media team members, were arrested.

Notorious Pahlavi regime elements

5- 92 people affiliated with the notorious Pahlavi regime and prominent royalists were identified and arrested in the riot scenes and behind the scenes.

Foreign nationals elements

6- Nine foreign nationals from Germany, Poland, Italy, France, Holland, Sweden, etc., were arrested at the riots or behind the scenes of conspiracy.

Identification of elements related to foreign media

7- Identification of elements related to foreign media in Tehran and various provinces of the country; some were arrested, some were summoned, and a file was made for others so that after receiving the permission of the judicial authority, they will be called or arrested.

Monitoring foreign the embassies

8- While monitoring the embassies whose elements had the slightest involvement or entered the scene of riots, the relevant diplomats were duly warned, including the embassies of Germany, France, England, Sweden, and...

Thugs involved hooliganism

9- Identification and arrest of 28 thugs who have a history of the prison, drug dealing, abuse, hooliganism, rape, etc., in the scene of riots. The attack of the mentioned persons on the country's security forces and injuring them is documented. Also, two Molotov cocktail production workshops have been discovered from them.

Machine guns and ammunition

10- Many Cults, machine guns, related bullets, and shotguns have also been seized.

As said, the list above only includes outfits, sects, and organizational and foreign agents and consists of the arrest of dozens of rioting elements. The so-called lonely wolf in the scene was omitted.

But the initial investigation of the mentioned defendants shows the pre-planned organization and preparation of various groups and professional killers to take advantage of any event, regardless of the type of event, the place of its occurrence, and whether the event is natural or artificial.

The tragic death of Mahsa Amini was a pretext for a big project

The sad death of the late Amini at this point was just a pretext for a big project and conspiracy designed to incite sections of the people, bring terrorist and takfiri groups into the scene, and carry out sabotage and killings in the framework of the "Zionist model of maximum violence."

But before the mentioned event and during the days of unrest, other events have taken place as preparations for the rebellion or as a complement to it, and some of them are mentioned:

Western intelligence services mission

In the past few months, some Western intelligence services and the Zionist regime had held "overthrow trainers training" courses for several related and predetermined elements.

In these courses, some of which were held in the countries of the region and some outside the area, training on how to fight against the holy system of the Islamic Republic, civil disobedience, and overthrow was taught, and it was supposed that the trained people would transfer what they learned to other elements inside the country.

However, a number of these people were identified by the security forces from the beginning, and several of them were arrested in the past months and explained the scenario of the Arrogant Front.

It is worth mentioning that the two French nationals arrested in May had entered Iran precisely to organize and train and link opposition trade unions and non-governmental organizations to each other both elements were captured. At the same time, limited information was given about them.

Now and considering the recent events, detailed dissemination will be made on this matter in the coming days.

Plots for blowing up sensitive industrial centers

The plan to blow up a sensitive industrial center in the last two months - the subject of the announcements on the 23 and 27 of July - was part of the preparations before the grand riot conspiracy; in this case, too, limited information was given, and the detailed document will be published in the coming days.

Sabotaging in two passenger planes

Sabotaging in two passenger planes to cause them to crash was thwarted.

Anti-Iranian Media

 According to reliable information, US intelligence officials have sent detailed instructions to their agents and elements working in American-English-Saudi Persian language media since the beginning of the street riots. Including the provisions of that instruction:

I) strengthening the content and expanding the time of the foreign language Persian media, enhancing the cooperation between them and the joint and broader coverage of the riots;

II) increasing the budget of filter breakers and other means of providing access to the Internet;

III) Twitter network, by at least tenfold the capacity of publishing messages for each user in one hour and canceling some other restrictions, will try its best to help disseminate the desired news, perform psychological operations and intensify the activity of organized robots (similar to the "Saudi Center for Moderation" and (Albanian-centered terrorists) against Iran (precisely in the same way that Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State at the time in 2009, prevented Twitter from shutting down with a direct order to support seditionists);

IV) increasing and revealing the support of the American and European officials and their celebrities to the rioters;

V) Encouraging strikes and bringing forward the issue of the so-called human rights sanctions against the Iranian people to affect the country's economy.