Monday 3 October 2022 - 07:41

Mahsa Amini - Afghan Students Massacre: A Scandalous Selective Concern of Human Rights

By Mohammad Youssef
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Mahsa Amini - Afghan Students Massacre: A Scandalous Selective Concern of Human Rights
The reaction by many governments in the western world to the synchronized events says a lot and reveals a history record of the conspiracies orchestrated by those governments.

Many Western governments and so-called human rights groups and organizations have launched a fierce attack against the Iranian authorities accusing them of assassinating a female activist while in police custody. Those same governments and groups have not said much against a suicidal attack by Daesh [Arabic for ‘ISIS/ISIL’] group as the terrorist organization claimed responsibility for.

The two events are not equal by any means, neither the reaction to them is.

A young Iranian woman, Mahsa Amini who passed away due to a heart attack while in police custody for violating the law of hijab has sparked an endless litany of condemnations and tough reactions all over the western capitals. Washington have adopted punishment and sanctions against certain Iranian police departments. This all has happened without giving Tehran any opportunity to clarify its position or reveal the truth about the activist’s death.   

In the second event, dozens of female students were martyred when a terrorist attack rocked their educational center in the Afghan capital city, Kabul. Daesh terrorists claimed responsibility for the horrible deadly attack. With the huge difference of the nature and impact of the two events, western governments have as usual failed to produce a meaningful and significant response to the mass killing.

This issue actually not only reveals a deep and stark disorder of value system in the west, rather it represents a scandalous approach because it reflects the double standards and hypocrisy by governments and human rights organizations.

When governments in the west make laws, which would violate people’s rights of personal freedom or observing religious practices like wearing hijab, they give themselves the right to take all measures to ensure their rules are respected, but when another country wants to guarantee its rules are respected they target it with harsh attack and impose sanctions against it.

Democracy is only democracy if it coincided with the western code!

According to the western standards, human lives have a value, and only matter if they serve the interests of the western governments.

As a result, the western world as much as the entire world faces a real moral dilemma, a dilemma of double standards and hypocrisy that can never be accepted or tolerated. This should be properly handled and addressed by neutral parties, that could really assess the situation and give the proper moral treatment based on justice and responsibility not on the supremacy of western culture and practices.
Source : AlahedNews