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‘Israel’ Incapable of Resuming War on Gaza: Report

By Mohammad Salami

Al-Manar English Website , 30 Nov 2023 21:24

Islam Times - For more than 50 days, the Israeli war jets, tanks, cannons, and machineguns did not cease pounding the entire Gaza Strip, mercilessly killing over 20 thousand civilians.

‘Israel’ as a barbaric occupation entity is accustomed to committing war crimes in Palestine, Lebanon and other Arab countries. However, before the resistance era, the Zionists had not been acquainted with the concept of paying the price of every crime.

On October 7, 2023, the Palestinian Resistance Movement of Hamas carried out a historical attack on the occupied territories in Gaza vicinity, inflicting heavy losses upon the Zionist army and settlers and capturing hundreds of Israelis.

Regardless of any opinion that favors the Resistance acts, the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres stated that Hamas attack comes as a normal outcome of decades of siege unfairly imposed on Gaza.

António Guterres
United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres at the UN headquarters in New York (photo from April 2016).
Thus, the Israeli narrative is based on the principle which says that the Palestinians in Gaza must die silently and slowly due to the siege without reacting to this oppression. The Palestinian resistance, on the other hand, showed the Zionists that their barbarism and unfairness are costly.

The historical blow was very painful and turned the Israelis extremely mad and overtly brutal. Palestinian resistance fighters heroically confronted a criminal war on the civilians in Gaza.

The Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu set a number of goals for his war on Gaza, including mainly eradicating Hamas and liberating the captives held in the Strip.

After 53 days of a barbaric war that hit the Gazans with what equals more than a nuclear bomb, the Israelis were forced to demand a truce due to major losses inflicted upon the Zionist occupation army during the ground offensive.

Dozens of Israeli occupation soldiers were killed during the offensive, and hundreds of military vehicles were hit by the Resistance missiles and shells. The Palestinian fighters displayed unprecedented valor and bravery, engaging in zero-distance clashes with the enemy troops.

Washington and number of Arab capitals brokered last week a 4-day truce that took into effect on Friday under the pretext of the release of the captives and other humanitarian considerations.

The question that can be raised here is, “Why did not the release of the captives and other humanitarian considerations lead to a truce after few days of the destructive Zionist war on Gaza?

Actually, the Israeli Occupation Army faced a fierce resistance in northern Gaza, which prevented its command from planning any further ground progress in the Strip.

The same truce has been extended twice on Monday for two days and early Thursday for one day. Reports have indicated that the truce will be extended on a daily basis and more captives from both sides will be released.

A truce is defined, according to dictionaries, as a suspension of hostilities for a SPECIFIED PERIOD OF TIME by mutual agreement of the warring parties. Thus, when this truce is extended repeatedly, a new concept arises.

It is not a matter of a humanitarian truce that is timely limited; it is a ceasefire unannounced by the brokers due to the political embarrassment of the Zionist entity locally and internationally.

The Israeli political and military command has been facing a harsh criticism from the Zionists due to its confusion and failure in Gaza. Moreover, the world conscience has been woken by the Zionist massacres in Gaza.

The US administration is remarkably taming the Zionist ox in order to prevent it from involving its troops in a regional confrontation, knowing that the US bases in Iraq and Syria had been under the fire of the Iraqi resistance during the 53 days of the Israeli war on Gaza

In light of the escalation of Lebanon and Yemen fronts as well, around one-third of the Israeli military power is deployed near Lebanon border, and the Zionist ships are unable to navigate through the Red Sea.

Accordingly, the Zionist enemy is almost incapable of resuming its war on Gaza unless the political and military command in Tel Aviv decides to push the occupation entity into the abyss of demise.

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