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Chemical Lie: Western Scenarios for Pursuing Political Goals

1 Mar 2024 09:58

Islam Times - The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) declared that certain units of ISIS were responsible for chemical attacks using mustard gas on the Syrian city of Mare on September 1, 2015.

The Research and Investigation Team of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) stated in their findings on the 2015 chemical attack on the Syrian City of Mare, "No other organization besides ISIS was equipped with the tools, motivations, and capabilities required to utilize mustard gas against Mare in Syria on September 1, 2015, as part of an attack."

Despite Syria having handed over its chemical weapons to a working group composed of the United States and OPCW in 2014, Western countries have accused it of using such weapons several times, leading to sanctions being imposed against Damascus on this basis.

These accusations were made precisely at a moment when Syria and its allies had achieved significant success against terrorism and separatist movements. Damascus has stated repeatedly that the alleged "faking" of chemical attacks and the pressure on the Syrian government occurred as its forces were advancing against terrorists supported by Western powers.

This belated confession holds significance from several perspectives.

1. Donald Trump, as the highest-ranking official of his country during his tenure, acknowledged that ISIS was created by the United States and served its interests. In light of this, the United States cannot evade responsibility for chemical attacks attributed to ISIS against Syria, and should be held accountable and punished for actions against humanity and the environment.

Alhakam Dandy, the Permanent Representative to the United Nations, stated several months ago that American military occupiers supplied terrorists with chemical substances in Al-Tanf and trained them in their deceptive use.

Sergey Naryshkin, Russia's foreign intelligence chief, previously stated that the United States is prepared to misuse poisonous chemical substances to disrupt the process of normalizing Syria's relations with Arab states.

Russian intelligence resources previously indicated that the deputy commander of United States Central Command, James Malloy, oversees ISIS terrorists in southern parts of Syria and Damascus, and that Americans provided missiles with warheads containing chemical substances to ISIS terrorists in Alhawia and Safira near the Al-Tanf base.

Three years ago, the Syrian Foreign Ministry condemned the OPCW's decision against their country, describing it as "politicizing" the issue.

2. America's recorded history reveals that baseless chemical accusations and lies were not only directed against the Syrian government; these strategies have been applied against several countries in the past, used to justify actions against citizens and occupations.

 A clear example of such behavior is the case of Iraq when George Bush, along with Tony Blair, the former Prime Minister of Britain, occupied Iraq and caused the death of its people on the pretext of "Saddam Hussein having chemical weapons without permits," as stated by Colin Powell, the then U.S. Secretary of State.

 This is despite the fact that the US and the UK have used weapons containing depleted uranium or chemical substances in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya, resulting in an increase in cancers and the birth of many children with defects, just to name a few of their consequences. The trend has repeated in the Ukraine war over the past two years.

 Discoveries made by Russia indicate the existence of labs and centers where SIA is creating chemical and biological weapons.

 The Zionist Regime has used phosphorus and chemical bombs in attacks against Gaza since 2008, yet neither the US nor Europe has ever condemned these actions. Instead, they have always justified these actions by describing them as "legitimate defense," which is indicative of the US's double standard treatment.

3.The revelation of the US's fabricated claim regarding Syria's use of chemical weapons once more clarifies the true nature of the US's claims and those of its Western allies about Iran's nuclear activities.

4.Despite the fact that the International Atomic Energy Agency has emphasized the peaceful nature of Iran's nuclear activities following its unprecedented investigations into the country's nuclear facilities, the US, Europe, and the Zionist Regime have used accusations against our country to achieve their political goals. This has included violating deals with Iran and disregarding UN resolutions.

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