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The Bloody Crocus Attack: Further Evidence of the American Predicament

By Hayyan Nayyouf

AN , 26 Mar 2024 12:04

Islam Times - Russian law enforcement announced the capture of most of the perpetrators who carried out the Crocus City Hall attack northwest of Moscow that killed more than 130 people.

The information that emerged in recent days enables us to make a series of observations about the tragedy and put them into the context of the global conflict and its consequences.

The perpetrators did not blow themselves up inside the Crocus complex after they carried out the attack or when they were pursued and arrested. This in itself suggests that the perpetrators do not have a suicidal ideology. This most likely suggests that they do not belong to Daesh or to one of the radical organizations such as Qaeda and others.

It is also important to point out that those pulling the strings and standing behind the executioners did not resort to liquidating them shortly after the terrorist operation. Instead, they planned for the terrorists to reach the Ukrainian border. This was confirmed by the Russian authorities who pursued them towards the border and arrested them.

The planners of this terrorist act know that crossing the Ukrainian border is a difficult task, especially after the attack was executed and given its magnitude and the measures that the Russian security services would inevitably resort to.

There is no doubt that those behind the attackers had calculated that their escape towards Ukraine would achieve a certain goal, whether they succeeded in crossing or not. This means that the planner of this attack wanted them to head towards the border with Ukraine.

This leads us to believe that the party behind them wanted them to be arrested or liquidated in that region around the Ukrainian border or for their crossing of the Russian-Ukrainian border to be exposed if they succeeded in doing so.

Therefore, this party wants to suggest that Kiev is linked to this attack in one way or another, similarly to what happened shortly after the Nord Stream bombing, when the Western media deliberately pointed the finger of blame at Kiev. In other words, the planner wanted to leave evidence of Kiev’s role in the terrorist act, regardless of whether that evidence was accurate or not.

The objective of the heinous terrorist act was to create Russia’s 9/11, with the media and intelligence sources blaming Ukraine for it. That is, whoever planned this wants to direct the attention of Russian decision makers towards Kiev and pin the Ukrainian government into a corner leaving them with one option – the option of accepting a political solution imposed by Russia.

Naturally, the narrative that Moscow wanted this is false, as it is not part of its political and moral manners to resort to this type of deception while it is winning on the ground at least.

Hence, the search must focus on those for whom Ukraine has become a burden, those who want to declare Ukraine’s imminent defeat, who are looking for a way to get down from the tree or justifications for a humiliating retreat, and who are afraid to announce this publicly and are looking for a way out of their predicament. This only applies to the Americans and their British allies, after they failed to secure Russian support to backtrack in the Middle East following the Al-Aqsa Flood and its disastrous consequences for Washington and London.

The claims of responsibility by Daesh are nothing but camouflage and deception. Its main goal is to create a space to meet Moscow halfway and to make room for negotiations and a settlement based on what the West likes to claim is a common enemy – Daesh.

In addition, it allows the West to network between different files, especially between Ukraine and the Middle East, for the purpose of bartering on the basis that Daesh is active in Syria and Iraq, where Russian and American spheres of influence intersect and compete.

Washington has always used this terrorist organization to achieve political and geopolitical goals and has always tried to network and barter between the Middle Eastern and Ukrainian files to no avail.

Washington realizes that Russian advances on the global stage from Ukraine and the Middle East to Africa and Asia, all the way to South America is accelerating and is supported by Russia’s allies, especially China and the Axis of Resistance. It also realizes that Washington and its allies have become unable to stop it.

One of the examples of this inability is the Al-Aqsa Flood, in the Red Sea, the Indian Ocean, in Syria and Iraq. Another is Russia and China’s thwarting of the American draft resolution in the UN Security Council, which Washington needed to address the results of the Al-Aqsa Flood in accordance with its interests. Further evidence of American inability was represented by the Nigerien government’s cancellation of the defense cooperation agreement with Washington.

The role of Washington and London in the terrorist attack in Moscow is clear as daylight. There is no need to pay attention to the false statements and condemnations issued by the White House for this heinous crime. The American dilemma is extensive and is increasing day after day. The fact that opponents of the United States are ignoring the American desire for a settlement is only making Washington mad and hysterical.

What frightens Washington most today is its realization that time is not on its side and that its opponents are playing the game of time. Therefore, it is trying to push them to listen and accept some of its interests. To achieve this, it uses all means, including organized cross-border terrorism.

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