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The “Kush” Strike: Hezbollah Controls the Battlefield

By Latifa Al-Housseini

6 Jun 2024 22:19

Islam Times - Hezbollah’s resistance fighters established a new qualitative scenario with a strike on “Israel’s” “Kush”. The settlement is located in the center of the Upper Western Galilee, five kilometers from the Lebanese border. It was selected as a target with great care by the resistance’s military leadership.

“Israel” is so far refusing to acknowledge the true death toll and collateral damage inflicted by Hezbollah’s air strike involving the use of its attack drones. The drones struck a newly established military complex that includes a base for mobilizing “Israeli” troops. In such incidents, exact numbers are often never published.

The initial takeaways from the highly critical operation:
- Careful planning and studying the objective
- Hezbollah knows that the “Israeli” army did not evacuate the base and neglected its fortification.
- The inability of air defense systems to intercept all Hezbollah aircraft, and the ability of its drones to bypass all of the enemy’s advanced warning devices.
- High number of injuries per strike
- Media blackout on the strike, and instructions for media outlets to downplay the horror of the operation.
- The aggressive reactions of “Israeli” officials after the operation, and the continued threats of an invasion of Lebanon or a surprise strike and the need to end the procrastination in the north.
The manner in which the operation was executed places it on the resistance’s top list of operations:
- The surprise and shock factor that caught the “Israelis” off-guard in a base they thought was far from Hezbollah’s reach.
- The high military concentration of “Israeli” soldiers, which inevitably led to many fatalities and injuries being classified as hopeless
- The “Israelis” lost a sense of security after the first attack was carried out. The site was then bombed a second time after the rescue teams arrived at the scene, making more difficult to extract the wounded.
- A report on one of the “Israeli” channels characterized the attack as a breach of a wall to an area described militarily as closed off.
Experts monitoring the front describe the moment as the peak of escalation.
The resistance proves that it can regenerate and is not limited to a particular set of military tactics. The eight months of fighting and support for Gaza did not exhaust Hezbollah. It bends its energy and capabilities according to its will, plays in the field, and meets its objectives with no mistakes. Meanwhile, “Israel” is caught in a whirlpool of psychological and military trauma.

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