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Political Advice of Ayatollah Bahjat

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Political Advice of Ayatollah Bahjat
The role of the United Nations in weakening poor countries

If the disbelievers say such and overpower us we would say: ‘The United Nations who claim to be after human rights do not support weak governments. They do not try to empower them or allow them to progress. If they speak the truth they would not have started the Second World War. They are not only opposed to religion; they are also opposed to the intellect. (Dar Mahzar-i Hazrat Ayatollah Bahjat, v.1, p.316)

Even if you cut my head off

Religious prohibitions are not only adultery, gambling, and alcohol. Sometimes a misplaced signature ends in the death of another person. This is much more serious. We are not expected perform sins such as drinking alcohol on the streets because, in addition to not fearing Allah, this action is seen as insane and idiotic. Therefore, we do not perform it. British agents entered the room of Sayyid Muhammad Kazim Yazdi (r) to obtain a signature from him stating that the people should fight alongside the British against the Ottoman empire. The warned him and threatened his life. Since, he did not speak English he put his hand to his neck to show: “If you cut my neck I would still not sign this.” The agents saw that assassinating him would not have the effect of the signature and therefore they left him. (Ibid, v.1, p.319)

As long as the Quran is in the hands of Muslims

I heard that in a parliament session in France a representative picked up a Quran and said: “As long as this book is in the hands of Muslims we will not be able to rule over them.” This is confirmed by the fact that 300 years ago one of the leaders of an Islamic faction stated in an agreement: “The Quran must be translated into a language other than Arabic.”

Islamic governments must be in the hands of Muslims. The disbelievers do not want the Quran to be in the hands of the Muslims and to rule over Muslims. They want it to be how the present day Torah and Bible are in their own countries. They are trying to take out the verses of jihad and of cursing the disbelievers. The only verses that will remain are verses in regards to worship.

State of affairs

Can we healthily bring property to our homes while we do not care about the state of affairs of the Muslims and believers? Can we reach our goals without giving importance to the state of affairs of Muslims? (Ibid, v.1, p.30)

The role of superpowers and occupiers in ruling over Muslims

One of the plans of the disbelievers is to separate sons and daughters from their parents and to separate the people from the scholars. They plan to make the people think negatively about the scholars even by having people wear the clothes of scholars and perform actions of disobedience out in the open. The do not want the Quran to be given to people, rather they want to give a translation – a translation of the Quran that is not the Quran. The also want to separate the scholars from the principle sources – from the Quran, the traditions, spirituality, and other religious sources. We must think negatively about the disbelievers. (Muhiban va Dustan). We should be worried about the truth that they have, and even more so about the falsehood. The reason for this is that they use the truth as a method to hunt us. Allah, allow us to understand that it is better for our religiosity and world that we cling to the prophets and saints (a). Allow us to understand that separating from them is not in our interests. Allow us to understand that the disbelievers will take away our world after they take away our religion. (Dar Mahzar Ayatollah Bahjat, v.1, p.147)
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