Tuesday 13 October 2020 - 12:14

The US Presidential Election is Rigged

By Myles Hoenig
Story Code : 891856
The US Presidential Election is Rigged
In many ways, the election is rigged. Democrats rig their primaries, and engage in voter suppression, so that people like Bernie Sanders, who more likely represents the average person’s concerns are not selected and only Wall Street's approved candidates get the nod. They’ve done it in 2016 and 2020. The Republicans rig national elections through voter suppression of voters who are people of color mostly. They do it by selectively purging voters, denying felons who served their time to vote, and now Trump is encouraging his armed white supremacist gangs to intimidate voters at the polls.

Yes, it’s out of control. We have a president who claims the election is rigged just as an excuse to not peacefully step down if he should lose. To him, a loss is proof of fraud, not a proof that the country sees him as a dangerous, incompetent, lunatic who was able to beat the only person in America capable of losing to him.

Many people are seeing this as an advent of a civil war and that is not an unreasonable scenario. Already his thugs have attempted to overthrow the Michigan government by force, even though one of the leaders of the Proud Boys, a participant in this attempted coup, calls Trump a tyrant. And his equivalent of the SA will be out at the polls. We also might see well-armed black activists standing by to protect the voters, and we never know what the police will do, as they usually support the white supremacists at demonstrations, often because they themselves are often members of such groups.

But the tide is turning. More and more notable Republicans are coming out to support Biden, who is one of the most Republican of all the Democrats in his positions, and one who would guarantee returning to a Wall Street, Military Industrial Complex status quo. It took Robert Dole, former Republican Senator from Kansas to tell Richard Nixon that the end was near and to resign. Unlikely to see something like that, considering the cowardice of most Republicans, but there could be a groundswell of anger if he loses and refuses to accept it that even the most die-hard loyalists might see it time to leave, but prepare for worse things down the road.