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Hezbollah Military Victories in 2000 & 2006 Paved Way for All Axis of Resistance to Crush ‘Israel’

By Mohammad Salami

Al-Manar English Website , 23 May 2021 21:04

Islam Times - It is a mere coincidence that the victory of the Palestinian resistance over the Israeli enemy in Gaza synchronized the 21st anniversary of the liberation of most of the Zionist-occupied Lebanese territories.

After 1982 Israeli invasion, the various factions of the Lebanese resistance engaged directly in fighting the occupation troops, expelling them from most of the cities, including Beirut. Hezbollah then mastered the fight against the Israeli enemy in Southern Lebanon and Western Bekaa, inflicting heavy losses upon the occupation troops. On May 25, 2000, the Israeli occupation army was forced by the Resistance to withdraw from most of Lebanese territories, except Shebaa Farms and KfarShuba Heights.

What Did 2000 Victory Indicate?

In addition to liberating the Lebanese people, territories and resources which had been under the Zionist occupation, the Lebanese resistance managed to achieve a strategic goal in 2000.

The Israeli military leader and politician Moshe Dayan once boasted that the musical band in the Israeli army can invade and occupy Lebanon. However, Hezbollah refuted Dayan’s claim and consecrated the notion that all the Zionist military units cannot occupy Lebanon.

Hezbollah even struck the renowned slogan that the Israeli army is invincible by showing the Lebanese, Arabs and the rest of the world populations that the Zionist military can be defeated.

In other words, ‘Israel’ which used to arrogantly boast its military superiority, was humiliated in Lebanon.

“Humiliation of ‘Israel’ Was Completed in 2006

Six years after the Zionist army withdrew from Lebanon, its command thought that Hezbollah was satisfied with the liberation victory and its moral as well as psychological aspects. The Israeli command fancied that Hezbollah would not develop its military capabilities.

On July 12, 2006, the Israeli enemy waged a destructive war on Lebanon. However, the giant military force, called Hezbollah, confronted the aggression and maintained a new balance of deterrence with the Zionists.

Hezbollah managed to shake more of the Israeli basic creeds and military theories. Before 2006, the Zionist home front used to be away from all the military confrontation which the occupation army engaged in. Moreover, the Zionist military used to settle any battle within few days.

On the contrary, Hezbollah managed to involve the Israeli home front in the war by firing thousands of missiles at the occupation settlements in upper and lower Galilee and steadfastly prevented the enemy from settling the battle within few days.

Consequently, the entire military creed of the Zionist enemy was shaken, which complemented the defeat in 2000.

In the recent confrontation in Gaza, the Palestinian resistance benefited from all the lessons it learnt from 2000 and 2006 victories and implemented them thoroughly to achieve a new victory by showing field steadfastness in face of the Zionist enemy despite the sacrifices and firing thousands of missiles at the Israeli settlements.

In this context, the Zionist media described the recent confrontation in Gaza as the worst, indicating that rocketry power in the Strip will remain a threat to the Israeli security.

Israeli analysts stressed Hezbollah managed to humiliate the Israeli power in 2000 and 2006, adding that the Palestinian resistance is following Hezbollah pattern with all its military details.

Based on several Zionist studies, the axis of resistance poses a major threat to ‘Israel’. Thus, by following the basic rules and formulas Hezbollah has maintained in its confrontation with the enemy, the axis of resistance will be able to wipe out ‘Israel’.

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