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The Region is no longer at the Disposal of America and other International Powers

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The Region is no longer at the Disposal of America and other International Powers
Islam Times reports that Ali Larijani, the Iranian speaker of the parliament left for Syria to conduct a two day diplomatic trip. Upon his arrival in Damascus he met with Khalid Mashal, the head of the political wing of the Hamas movement.
Khalid Mashal said: “Netanyahu showed his essence. He showed that he will not act in accordance to the law or peace treaties in regards to Palestine or the resistance.” He added: “The weakness of Obama has also become clear. Therefore, in the present time, a good opportunity for resistance has presented itself. Right now everyone believes that there is no other path except resistance.”
The head of the political wing of Hamas reminded the speaker that Gaza has been turned into a large prison. The people of Gaza have been put under serious pressure in order to turn against the resistance. But, all results have shown the opposite; the love that they have for the resistance grows by the day.
He also said regarding the fact that building material is still being prevented from entering Gaza: “Houses have been destroyed through war. They have not been rebuilt. People are building shelter for themselves from mud and primary substances.”
Ali Larijani, Iran’s parliament speaker, said: “The resistance has found international love.” He added: “Many countries learned the truth about Israel after it attacked the flotilla.”
Larijani said: “The people of Gaza and Palestine will never surrender due to the honor that they have. American and Israel are losing power in the region on a daily basis.” He continued: “It is not Palestine which has made them lose their power, rather in Iraq as well. America tried its best to cause division and organize a puppet government. They were unable to do so and the Iraqi leaders finally came together.”
He added: “In Afghanistan as well, Nato is taking its last breaths. It is clear that the region is no longer at the disposal of America and other international powers. The people of the region will build its future.”
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Translator : Aabid Waqar
Source : Islam Times