Monday 27 August 2012 - 05:12
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“Israel crimes are not tolerable,” says Imran khan

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“Israel crimes are not tolerable,” says Imran khan
Talking to Islam Times on the side line of a seminar on Pakistan’s economy, Imran Khan, the Chief of Tehrik-e-Ansaf (PTI) said, “We want trade and working relations with all nations except Israel.”
The seminar, “Economic Policy Vision” was organized by the PTI to present Pakistan with its Economic plan on Saturday. 

In his speech on world trade and international cooperation the PTI Chairman noted forcefully that although Pakistan welcomed all partnership, Israel was irrevocably excluded from ever trading with Pakistan as far as the party was concerned.

Talking to Islam Times, the Chairman explained that Israel was involved in such heinous crimes against humanity that it was Pakistan’s moral duty to stand against such oppression.

Imran Khan stressed, “We have to review our connections with whole International community except Israel.” 

“We can trade and have relations with the entire world, but we cannot trade nor have a working relation with Israel because what it is doing to the Palestinian people,” he concluded.

Answering a question related to terrorism in Pakistan, he commented, “Terrorism has been imposed on Pakistan and it damaged the overall economy of the country.”

The PTI Chairman added that security is now one of Pakistan’s main ailments, noting that such present matter needed to be addressed immediately.

 “The business community in Pakistan is scared; factories are moving away to Bangladesh and Dubai,” he said.

Repeating his stance on the war on terror, Khan said “Pakistan needs to pull itself out of the war and ensure that law and order are respected in Pakistan.”