Tuesday 21 June 2022 - 10:11

Ayatollah Khamenei Calls for Developing Cultural Affairs

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Ayatollah Khamenei Calls for Developing Cultural Affairs
"Today, the ill-wishers of Iran and Islam rely on soft war, so all members of the nation, including nomads, need cultural affairs and products," Imam Khamenei stated in a meeting with the representatives of the congress of the martyrs of the nomadic society.

"Of course, in cultural work such as film and book production, the feedback and impact of productions must be considered and measured," His Eminence added.

Noting that today, everything that is done in the country against religion, traditions, sanctities and religious rites is based on a political motive and used by the enemy, Imam Khamenei considered the weakening of religious faith, hope and optimism for the future of the country as components of a soft war against the Iranian nation.

Sayyed Ali Khamenei also praised the nomad's sacrifices in the era of the Islamic Revolution and during the eight years of Sacred Defense [Iraqi imposed war against Iran during 1980-1988] and called on the relevant authorities to solve the problems of the Iranian nomads.