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Hezbollah: All Parliamentary Blocs Must Assume Responsibility of Coping with Lebanon’s Crisis

1 Jul 2022 02:10

Islam Times - Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem indicated that the parliamentary elections in 2022 reflected the popular will, adding that a new constitutive stage has started since then.

During a seminar on the occasion of the family week in the Southern town of Maaroub, Sheikh Qassem pointed out that all the parliamentary blocs must submit their proposals pertaining coping with the socioeconomic crisis in Lebanon, adding that playing the role of opposition is completely rejected.

His eminence stressed that delaying the cabinet formation till the end of the current presidential term serves the US interests and inflicts heavy losses upon the Lebanese people, noting that Hezbollah support a speedy creation of the new government.

Sheikh Qassem explained that having any government is much better than the ministerial void, adding that reaching some achievements will help the Lebanese to find their way out of the crisis.

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