Tuesday 5 July 2022 - 13:41

Lapid Due in Paris ‘To Discuss Hezbollah’ With Macron

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Lapid Due in Paris ‘To Discuss Hezbollah’ With Macron
“We want the French president to use his connections to make clear to the Lebanese government we intend to complete the negotiations,” said the official, referring to indirect talks between the Zionist occupation regime and Lebanon over the Palestinian-Lebanese maritime boundary. “We want to do it, but we won’t be able to do it under Hezbollah threats.

Earlier on Saturday, Hezbollah sent three unmanned and unarmed drones to the disputed Karish Field aiming to send a clear message of the resistance group’s power, capabilities, and presence to the ‘Israeli’ occupiers.

Karish is a natural oil and gas naval field located some 100 kilometers off the occupied Palestinian shores. The confirmed gas reserves in the field amount to 1.3 trillion cubic feet. Initial estimations published by Reuters pointed to that the gas reserves in the same field are around 1.8 trillion cubic feet.

The area, breached by the ‘Israeli’ enemy, is an economic zone rich in fields that purely belong to Lebanon. It stretches over a minimum area of 863 square kilometers and a maximum of 2200 square kilometers.

Lapid took off for Paris midmorning on Tuesday. He will meet with Macron, a close friend, in the mid-afternoon at the Elysee Palace, before heading back to the ‘Israeli’-occupied territories at 8 pm.

The one-day trip will feature a bilateral meeting between Macron and Lapid, then a broader session with their aides. The visit was set up before Lapid became prime minister last week.