Wednesday 6 July 2022 - 13:27

Case 1000: Netanyahu Told Billionaire’s Aide to Give Sara Whatever She Wants

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Case 1000: Netanyahu Told Billionaire’s Aide to Give Sara Whatever She Wants
Milchan's aide, Hadas Klein said, "Mr. Netanyahu called me from his office, I said to him that I had been [unfairly] hit with threatening screams [by Sara Netanyahu] and that I had received a very difficult call over something where I had done nothing wrong. He said to me that I just did not understand," and that Klein should give Sara all of the cigars and champagne she wanted because they had gotten it approved by a legal adviser.

This all played out as Milchan had gotten sick of the years of required "gifts" and told her to tell Sara that they would need to stop giving the gifts or reduce the volume because they were getting suspicious questions from their accountant about the legality.

Sara pushed back and eventually took out her anger on Klein, who then threatened to resign from working for Milchan after having worked for him for three decades.

Milchan eventually assured Klein that she was valued and that Sara was really mad at him regarding delays in the gifts and not at her.

Klein was testifying for the second straight day as part of the hearing in Case 1,000 – the "Illegal Gifts Affair" – against the former prime minister.

Klein's testimony marks a transition away from media bribery in Case 4,000 [the "Bezeq-Walla Affair"] which has dominated the trial since witnesses started testifying a year ago.

In the same hearing, Klein testified how Milchan was requesting advice from another tycoon billionaire ally of Netanyahu, Sheldon Adelson, on how to procure the specific kinds of cigars that Netanyahu wanted, but at a lower cost.