Tuesday 2 August 2022 - 00:31

No Need to Extend a UN Truce that Cannot Serve Nation: Yemeni PM

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No Need to Extend a UN Truce that Cannot Serve Nation: Yemeni PM
Abdulaziz bin Habtoor stated on Sunday that the Supreme Political Council and the Sana’a-based government should look into tangible achievements of the extension of the truce in the past few months before making any decisions to further extend it.

He underlined that most of the estimated 1.2 million Yemeni civil servants have received little to no salaries and that Sana’a International Airport remains closed to commercial flights.

The resolution of these two issues will definitely pave the ground for the UN-backed truce to be extended once again, Habtoor said.

A truce between Yemen’s popular Ansarullah resistance movement and the ousted Saudi-backed government which is currently based in Aden was agreed upon in early April. The initial two-month truce was extended for another two months on June 2.

But there are still no signs of a breakthrough in UN-backed talks between the warring parties.

Moreover, Mahdi al-Mashat, the Head of Yemen’s Supreme Political Council, has underscored the necessity for the Saudi-led coalition to stop the war and siege on the impoverished Yemeni nation.

During a meeting with a visiting Omani delegation in the capital Sana’a on Sunday, Mashat emphasized the importance of a durable peace agreement that would guarantee the sovereignty and independence of the Yemeni people. 

The senior Yemeni official said that the truce extension should lead to tangible results in the economic and human conditions of the Yemeni nation, including the payment of salaries to all civil servants and pensioners.