Thursday 4 August 2022 - 11:23

Zionist Ministers Informed of Possible Delay in Gas Extraction

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Zionist Ministers Informed of Possible Delay in Gas Extraction
‘Israeli’ Channel 13 said Hezbollah's threats regarding the Karish platform and negotiations on the maritime borders between the Zionist entity and Lebanon were widely discussed in a very long presentation.

The due date for gas extraction from the Karish platform is in September.

According to the ‘Israeli’ media outlet, there was also an important discussion over Lebanon and Hezbollah, on the level of differentiating between Lebanon and Hezbollah or not.

It further mentioned that ‘Israeli’ officials warned the Zionist regime’s security cabinet that an escalation with Hezbollah is likely if an agreement is not reached with Lebanon.

Hebrew media outlets additionally stated that "Tel Aviv" was pressuring the US to reach an agreement with Lebanon before September, the date when the extraction of oil from the Karish platform starts.

‘Israeli’ security sources have been cited as claiming that the United States would propose a settlement regarding the maritime border demarcation negotiations and that the final decision would be made this week.

‘Israeli’ media quoted Tuesday a senior Zionist official in the gas sector who termed the maritime border demarcation agreement that is taking shape with Lebanon as a complete ‘Israeli’ surrender.

The official further considered that the agreement is a complete surrender by ‘Israeli’ occupation Prime Minister Yair Lapid and War Minister Benny Gantz to Lebanon, noting that "Israel's" submission is a great victory for Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah.

The official warned that if "Israel" conducts similar negotiations on other matters, the situation will be very worrying.

A Lebanese diplomatic source confirmed on Monday that Lebanon "rejected an ‘Israeli’ offer to give Beirut part of Block 8 north of Line 23," in exchange for "‘Israel' relinquishment of the Qana gas field."

The source told the Russian news agency Sputnik that "the ‘Israeli’ offer includes ‘Israel's’ relinquishment of the Qana field in return for Line 23, minus an area that must be ceded located north of the line, specifically the southwestern part of Block 8."

The source explained that Beirut rejected the Zionist offer, adding that "Lebanon adheres to its right in the Qana field and refuses to give up any square meter in Block 8."