Sunday 7 August 2022 - 12:23

Iranian Spokesman Raps Silence on Israeli Atrocities

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Iranian Spokesman Raps Silence on Israeli Atrocities
Different parts of the Gaza Strip in Palestine were pounded by the Israeli fighters, where at least 32 people, including six children, were martyred and 215 others were injured.

In a tweet on Sunday, Nasser Kanaani described the killing of a 5-year-old child by the Israeli regime in Gaza as an example of the apartheid Israeli regime's bank of targets in its recent attacks on Gaza.

"Still interesting is that the US State Department has stressed the full support for the Israel's right to defend itself," he wrote.

He referred to the 5-year-old girl martyred in the Israeli air raids and recalled that the five-year-old girl Alaa Qaddoum was just one of the children who lost their lives in the current attack of the Israeli regime.  

"It is regrettable that the false advocates of human rights support an occupation regime's daily crimes against the people of it has occupied their land in the name of "self-defense," the MFA spokesman added.