Monday 15 August 2022 - 07:11

Iranian Official: US Leads Afghanistan to Abyss of Destruction

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Iranian Official: US Leads Afghanistan to Abyss of Destruction
In twenty years of permanent presence in Afghanistan, the United States was always trying to justify its military presence with slogans such as defending human rights, rights of women, children, and minorities, as well as establishing security, fighting insecurity, and improving Afghanistan's position in the world.

After the escape of American military forces, it was found that the production of drugs in Afghanistan had increased up to 40 times compared to 2001. "Hassan Kazemi Qomi," the special representative of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran on Afghanistan, said in a special news talk program on IRIB (The Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting): " Americans in Afghanistan not only did not fight terrorism, but they were the generator of terrorism itself."

Special envoy of the Iranian President for Afghanistan, about the results of the 20-year presence of American soldiers, especially for Afghans, added: " One year has passed since the planned escape of American soldiers from Afghanistan. This means that the American intelligence services are still in Afghanistan.

He further added that the Americans continue their destructive actions in different guises.

Kazemi Qomi also said: that Americans were responsible for creating a significant part of the insecurity inside Afghanistan; the groundwork for the entry of terrorist groups was another thing that the Americans did during these 20 years.

Iran's senior diplomat noted: "One of the sinister phenomena of the American occupation was the spread of drugs.  

He added: "Americans are the biggest supporter of ISIL today."