Thursday 18 August 2022 - 23:59

‘Israeli’ General: We Lost Our Fighting Spirit, Turned into A Weak Army that Hides Behind Cement Walls

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‘Israeli’ General: We Lost Our Fighting Spirit, Turned into A Weak Army that Hides Behind Cement Walls
In an opinion piece, Brick said “The bouts against Hamas and the Islamic Jihad in Gaza will bring ‘Israel’ backwards, and make it lose the capability for ground drills or working on multiple fronts, not to mention the resulting and long-range economic and social damage for those living in the settlements, especially amid the shrinking periods of calmness between a bout and the other.”

The reserve general accused the Zionist political and military leadership of abandoning the ground troops amid fears of paying for this and to avoid humanitarian losses, pointing to that “This fact has made Hamas and the Islamic Jihad feel that they are confronting a weak army that doesn’t dare to carry out a ground operation, something that raised their [the Palestinians] morale and motive for work.”

“‘Israel’ has turned into a ‘state’ that constructs cement walls worth billions, Brick said, lamenting that the Air Force has turned to be the sole agent to operate militarily, but alone it cannot achieve victory in a war.”

The author took good proof by referring to the recent fighting bouts in Gaza, in which the ‘Israeli’ regime bombed the strip’s infrastructure, tunnels, roads, and houses using smart bombs, but couldn’t stop or even decrease the intensity of missiles launched from Gaza.

Hamas has launched 400 missiles per day during Operation al-Quds Sword, and the total of missiles hit over the span of ten days topped 4300 missiles. “The military leadership didn’t dare to deploy ground troops for several meters inside Gaza to succeed in its plan and fool Hamas that the ground maneuver has kicked off,” according to Brick.

“We’ve lost in the battle of awareness in all of the bouts, we’ve lost our fighting spirit, motives, and initiative, and turned into a weak army that hides behind cement walls and blocks. We are solely relying on the Air Force amid fears of the repercussions that might unfold due to deploying the ground troops,” he admitted.