Tuesday 20 September 2022 - 12:22

Liz Truss Promises At Least $2.63bn For Ukraine War In 2023

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Liz Truss Promises At Least $2.63bn For Ukraine War In 2023
The Financial Times reported on Tuesday that Truss will deliver the UK’s “hawkish” message of continued and considerable military assistance to Kiev during a visit to the United States, where she is scheduled to address the United Nations General Assembly [UNGA] in New York City on Wednesday.

“The UK will continue to be right behind you every step of the way,” Truss had promised to the people of Ukraine ahead of her arrival in the US on Tuesday, the FT reported.

The British premier was also expected to use her speech at the UNGA to press Western governments to increase their support for Ukraine, amid advances by Ukrainian forces who are pressing a successful counteroffensive against Russian forces in the east of the country.

London’s commitment of $2.63bn in 2022 to Kiev resulted in the UK becoming the second-largest military donor to Ukraine, Downing Street told the FT.

UK military aid has involved the provision of hundreds of rockets, 120 armored vehicles, five air defense systems, and some 27,000 Ukrainian troops have been trained by UK forces since 2015, according to the report.

The FT also said that the “largest commercial road move of ammunition since the second world war was carried out last week” and involved “tens of thousands” of artillery rounds donated by the UK that were sent to front-line Ukrainian forces.