Thursday 22 September 2022 - 23:06

Malaria, Other Diseases Kill Hundreds in Flood-hit Areas of Pakistan

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Malaria, Other Diseases Kill Hundreds in Flood-hit Areas of Pakistan
The Sindh provincial government said on Thursday makeshift health facilities in flooded areas had treated more than 78,000 patients in 24 hours. It confirmed 665 new malaria cases among internally displaced families over the same period. Over 9,000 other suspected cases have also been detected.

The provincial authority said a quarter of the more than 19,000 patients screened in the past 24 hours across the province were positive, which amounts to a total of 4,876.

The United Nations Pakistan said malaria, typhoid and diarrhea cases were spreading quickly. It said 44,000 cases of malaria were reported this week in the southern province.

Meanwhile, the director general of health services for the southwestern province of Balochistan, Noor Ahmed Qazi, said health facilities faced shortages of medicine. “We're receiving malaria patients in large numbers on a daily basis in medical camps and hospitals,” he said. “We need more medicines and test kits in flood hit areas.”

Officials are warning they now risk losing control of the spread of infections in a dire situation that UNICEF has labeled “beyond bleak.” The World Health Organization (WHO) has said the surge in diseases has the potential for a “second disaster.”

According to the disaster management, deaths from diseases are not counted among the 1,569 people who died in the flash floods, including 555 children and 320 women.

Aid workers have said more immediate help is needed for displaced families exposed to swarms of mosquitoes and other hazards.

Despite the efforts of relief organizations, many flood victims are in dire need of food, shelter, and medical assistance.