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Israeli Settlers Set up Tents on Palestinian-Owned Land near Bethlehem as a prelude to Occupying It

28 Sep 2022 09:39

Islam Times - Zionist settlers have set up tents on Palestinian-owned land in the village of Kisan, located in the east of the occupied West Bank city of Bethlehem, as a prelude to taking it over, according to.

WAFA, citing Palestinian activist Ahmad Ghazal, reported that several Israeli settlers set up three tents in an area east of the village close to the illegal Israeli settlement of Ma'ale Amos.

Last week, the settlers set up four tents east of Bethlehem city in order to seize the lands.

Ghazal pointed out that Israeli settlers’ violations have escalated recently against Palestinians in Kisan, saying that such violations include assaulting shepherds, preventing them from accessing their lands, and sabotaging water pipes.

He said that such practices aim to make it harder for Palestinians to remain in their lands, aiming to eventually seize them all.

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