Monday 3 October 2022 - 09:05

Two Palestinians Martyred, One Injured by ‘Israeli’ Fire Near Ramallah

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Two Palestinians Martyred, One Injured by ‘Israeli’ Fire Near Ramallah
A Zionist military spokesman claimed that the three youths attempted to carry out a car-ramming operation, and the ‘Israeli’ occupation army radio alleged that fire was opened towards the vehicle when the youths attempted to car-ram a group of Zionist soldiers from the ‘Egoz’ Unit while on a mission in an area close to the al-Jalzoun Camp.

Meanwhile, footage circulating on social media networks clearly displayed blood after the youths were hit.

The Zionist occupation forces confiscated their car.

On the other side, local Palestinian sources reported that the ‘Israeli’ occupation forces have been setting ambushes in the area surrounding the al-Jalzoun Camp, adding that the three youths, identified as Bassel Basbous and Khaled Dabbas (from al-Jalzoun Camp), and Salameh Raafat (from Birzeit northern Ramallah), were passing in their vehicle from a nearby street when the ‘Israeli’ occupation forces shot them.

The same sources added that the occupation soldiers who were setting an ambush in a residential area have shot around 30 bullets towards the car, some of which hit houses of Palestinians.

According to the sources, the occupation army left the youths bleeding for around 45 minutes, 30 minutes of which when they were still inside the car, then ‘Israeli’ patrols raided that area and arrested them before they were martyred, then confiscated the car they were inside.