Saturday 19 November 2022 - 10:38

Brazil’s Lula: UNSG Needs to Change

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Brazil’s Lula: UNSG Needs to Change
"The UN Security Council needs to change, it needs to have more people representing all continents, and it needs to end the idea that a (single) country can have the right of veto," he told reporters on Friday during his trip to Portugal.

Lula noted the idea that a single country can have the right to veto must be put to an end.

Meanwhile, the UN General Assembly discussed the efforts to reform the structure of the Security Council.

Discussions focused on the issue of expanding the number of member states in the council, the use of vetoes by permanent members as well as efforts to make the council more inclusive, with stronger representation from Africa and some small countries.

Ambassador Zhhang Jun of China, a permanent member of the council, said the reforms must effectively increase the representation and voice of developing countries to correct "historical injustice to Africa".

Sierra Leone Ambassador Alie Kabba also said that Africa still believes in the need for a "comprehensive reform" of the UN system.

Meanwhile, the UK has announced its support for India, Germany, Japan and Brazil to sit as permanent members in an expanded Security Council.