Sunday 20 November 2022 - 21:12

Turkish Military Post at Syrian Border Attacked, 9 Injured

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Turkish Military Post at Syrian Border Attacked, 9 Injured
The Turkish Interior Ministry announced that 8 policemen were injured in the attack.

Sputnik reported that the Turkish Ministry of Interior announced in a statement that 8 police officers were injured as a result of a missile attack on a checkpoint of special forces at a border crossing with Syria.

The attack was carried out on a checkpoint on the Turkish-Syrian border that was hit by a rocket and a soldier of the Turkish armed forces was injured.

According to the Intel Republic database, Syrian military sources announced that missiles targeted a Turkish military checkpoint near the Bab al-Salma border crossing.

Hours before the Turkish military conducted heavy air raids on the armed Kurdish groups in northern Syria and Iraq, who Ankara blamed for a terrorist attack in Istanbul a few last week.

Turkey's fighter jets hit almost 90 YPG/PKK terrorist targets during air raids in northern regions of Iraq and Syria, the Turkish Defense Ministry said on Sunday, according to Daily Sabah.