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Official: EU States Eyeing Economic Ties with Iran

22 Nov 2022 07:35

Islam Times - Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Economic Diplomacy Mehdi Safari said some European states have expressed willingness to have economic relations with Iran.

Safari made the remarks during a session of the Headquarters to Coordinate Foreign Economic Relations, titled 'The Latest Status of Iran's Economic Relations with Latin America' in Tehran on Monday.

"Some European countries, too, have said they are willing to establish economic relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran," the Iranian deputy foreign minister said.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Safari referred to the existing potentials in Latin America and highlighted the need for planning to take maximum advantage of those possibilities.

He expressed the hope that the required arrangements among the entire involved sectors will be made as soon as possible.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran can provide petrochemical products, petroleum, agricultural products, medicines and medical facilities, handicrafts and engineering services to those countries," Safari added.

In a relevant development in July, Safari announced plans to boost the country's exports to Russia, specially construction materials.

Iran is planning to export three-billion-dollar construction materials to Russia.

Northeastern Iranian province of North Khorassan can make use of this opportunity for export, he stated in a meeting with the provincial governor-general.

There are good capacities in the province for making construction materials, like cement, which should be used for fostering exports, Safari said.

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