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Spokesman Mocks Biden’s Fake Support for Iranian Women

25 Nov 2022 08:36

Islam Times - Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kanaani debunked US President Joe Biden’s bogus support for the women of Iran, saying the US regime’s cruelty and sanctions have even affected Iranian patients and children.

“President of a regime that for +40 years has left no stone unturned in showing enmity & cruelty toward Iranian nation & had no mercy in imposing economic terrorism even against Butterfly kids, claims to ‘stand with women of Iran’,” Kanaani said in a tweet on Thursday, referring to the American sanctions that have blocked the export of special bandages to epidermolysis bullosa [EB] patients in Iran.

He also noted that the US policy of maximum pressure and sanctions on Iran has not excluded even Iranian women and mothers.
In a statement on the occasion of international day for the elimination of violence against women on November 23, US President Joe Biden claimed support for the women of Iran.

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