Wednesday 30 November 2022 - 14:52

Pentagon: Russia Made No Decisions to Use Nuclear Weapons in Ukraine

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Pentagon: Russia Made No Decisions to Use Nuclear Weapons in Ukraine
The US official confirmed that at the moment, the US has not seen any indication that Russia has made a decision to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, adding that Washington will continue to take this matter very seriously and monitor closely.
It is noteworthy that the Pentagon has repeatedly stressed that the United States has no indication that Russia intends to use a nuclear weapon in the Ukraine war.
In early October, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said there is no evidence in sight that suggests Russia’s intention to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine.
During an interview for CNN, Austin said, “I don’t see anything right now that would lead me to believe that he [Russian President Vladimir Putin] has made such a decision.”
US President Joe Biden had doubted that Russian President Vladimir Putin would use a tactical nuclear weapon.
On his part, Sergey Naryshkin, the director of the Russian intelligence service (SVR), had expressed Russia’s worries about the Western rhetoric regarding the possibility of using nuclear weapons.
Similarly, Konstantin Vorontsov, Deputy Director at the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Department for Arms Nonproliferation and Control, stressed that Russia did not and does not threaten Kiev with using nuclear arms.