Saturday 1 October 2011 - 08:32

Al-Khalifa authorities kill an elderly with tear gas

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Al-Khalifa authorities kill an elderly with tear gas
Islam Times: The opposition pages on Facebook reported that large crowds mourned the body of the martyr Hajj Jaafar Lutf Allah (aged 74 years) on Friday morning.

According to our correspondent in the village, the martyr had entered the hospital after inhaling toxic gases few days ago, and the funeral started earlier in the “Abu Saybaa” cemetery.

Al-Wasat newspaper quoted one of the families residing in the Aby Saybaa village located on Al-Badie street showed the damage done to their elderly father (74 years) caused by the random tear-gas shots that were fired disperse the demonstrators at the entrance to the village.

The family stated that the «father was crippled man due to old age and his prior paraplegic case, and on Sunday evening (18 September 2011) he was transferred to the hospital after suffocation due to tear gas and the deterioration of his health». They also pointed out that «the doctor decided to keep him in the hospital to receive treatment because of the amount of gas he inhaled that night».

The family explained that « security skirmishes occur between riot police and some protesters almost on a daily basis, and have been so for more than two months at the main entrance to the village. The security forces are insistent on dispersing the protesters using tear gas and sound bombs, and the house is located exactly at the entrance to the village, making it directly vulnerable to the tear-gas».

The family continued «The problem lies in the intensity of the tear gas used to disperse the demonstrators, and while in the region there lives a lot of sick and disabled people and children who are difficult to transfer from one region to another on a daily basis, knowing that the gases are released continuously even after the middle of the night».

The family showed that «the security forces are firing sound bombs and tear-gas grenades far away from the whereabouts of the protesters, and sometimes from the place of their shift stop at the edge of the main street, increasing the seriousness of the matter to the families in homes».

The family demanded the «Interior Ministry to intervene to put a solution to this problem». The family said it «has submitted a complaint to the fact-finding committee earlier, and provided all the information and the situations that their crippled father and the rest of the family were subjected do, as well as cases of assault on the windows and the main door of the house which caused its breaking down». They stressed that «the shots sometimes reach up to the roofs of the houses, and target the upper and lower windows ».