Friday 2 December 2022 - 02:17

Head of Yemen’s Supreme Political Council: Decision to Protect Yemeni Wealth Doesn’t Threaten Int’l Navigation

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Head of Yemen’s Supreme Political Council: Decision to Protect Yemeni Wealth Doesn’t Threaten Int’l Navigation
Al-Mashat, who spoke on the 55th anniversary of Yemen’s independence on Tuesday, extended “great congratulations and blessings” to the leader of the Yemeni Ansarullah movement Sayyed Abdul Malik Badreddine al-Houthi and the Yemeni people.
During his speech, President al-Mashat said, “The lesson of November 30 is no longer a mere lesson in history; it is the same colonizer of yesterday with wider and uglier alliances who came here as an invader in the hope of restoring his glories to colonize this country.” The Yemeni leader stressed that Independence Day is a glorious and eternal memory to all Yemenis and a bitter day for mercenaries and traitors because it distinguishes between the free patriot and the traitorous mercenary.
“It is unfortunate that this occasion coincides with us seeing the American moving among occupied provinces and manage those provinces under occupation,” he added. Al-Mashat explained that today’s occupier is more insolent to the extent that it allows itself the right to interfere in the country’s affairs in every council to condemn, cynically, the owners of the country for preventing it from looting their wealth.
He reiterated, “The occupier today believes that our people’s defense of their wealth from being looted is a threat to their interests, which is an insolence we haven’t witnessed before.” Stressing that the American insolence increases the Yemeni insistence to continue the path of liberation and independence and re-expel the new colonizer, so that Yemen can achieve its freedom, independence and sovereignty”.
President al-Mashat reaffirmed the firm position to protect people’s capabilities and prevent their oil and gas wealth from being plundered, as it is the correct constitutional act and the logical and legitimate behavior; highlighting that protecting the wealth does not mean threatening international navigations as the trumpets of aggression claim. So, whoever threatens international navigation is the one who continues its aggression and blockade as well as plunder the wealth of the Yemeni people.
Accordingly, the Yemeni official denounced the insistent efforts to loot Yemen’s wealth and deprive its people of their natural benefits, particularly the payment of salaries of all Yemeni state employees, which is not debatable. He further condemned the efforts the countries of aggression, led by the US, and obstructing the payment of salaries to all employees of Yemen and obstructing peace efforts, considering this an act of aggression with consequences and repercussions it will bear responsibility for.
In this context, al-Mashat emphasized that Yemeni people will never stand by and watch as their wealth is being plundered before their eyes, at the time they are suffering from the most severe siege imposed on a people in modern and ancient history. He advised the forces of the Saudi-US aggression to “turn to just and honorable peace and expedite in paying our people their salaries without procrastination.”
Finally, al-Mashat congratulated the people of Palestine for the heroic operations they are carrying against the Zionist entity. He also expressed his confidence in the important role the Jihadi renaissance in Palestine plays in accelerating the demise of the Zionist occupation, so that Palestine will embrace Arabism and civilization will grant the desired freedom and complete independence in the near future.