Friday 2 December 2022 - 10:19

US Has No Right to Comment on Human Rights: Tehran

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US Has No Right to Comment on Human Rights: Tehran
Kanaani made the remark in a string of tweets on Thursday as he attached to his posts a picture of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, who murdered African American George Floyd during a violent arrest in May 2020, and the merciless torture of inmates at the infamous US-run Guantanamo prison.
“Those with record of committing crimes against other nations and backing an occupier and terrorist regime, don't have moral/legal right to comment on human rights in other countries. HR is a sacred value and Iran believes that it’s Islamic, humane, legal and moral imperative to promote it,” the spokesman said.
“Those HR violators are better to look at their own shameful record and stop political and instrumental use of human rights. US gov and many other self-proclaimed advocates of human rights are convicted in the court of human conscience because of their despicable historical conduct,” Kanaani added.
Last Thursday, the UN Human Rights Council convened a meeting at the request of Germany and Iceland to discuss alleged human rights violations in Iran during the handling of recent foreign-backed riots in the country.
The body voted to establish an independent international fact-finding mission to investigate the purported abuses.
Iran’s Foreign Ministry has said Tehran will not cooperate with the so-called fact-finding mission, stressing that Iran has already formed a national fact-finding committee to look into the events.