Wednesday 1 February 2023 - 08:22

Nearly Four Times as Many Americans Now Say US Gives ‘Too Much’ to Ukraine: Poll

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Nearly Four Times as Many Americans Now Say US Gives ‘Too Much’ to Ukraine: Poll
Americans who believe the US is supplying “too much” cash and weapons to the Zelensky regime now outnumber those who believe it is providing “too little,” per the results.

Cumulatively, the percentage of Americans growing disillusioned with Washington’s latest military gambit has increased from 7% to 26% in the last 10 months.

Undoubtedly, the most significant increase was seen among those who lean Republican. Since March 2022, the share of Republicans who see the US as doing “too much” to prop up the Kiev regime has risen by over four times – from just 9% to a full 40%.

Dissatisfaction with the US proxy war against Russia is no longer limited to the right. Across the board, Americans are now far more likely to oppose further moves by Washington to pump Ukraine full of weapons.

Even Democrats are now three times as likely to agree as they were in March, with the share saying the Biden administration is giving Kiev “too much” having grown from 5% to 15%.

But it’s unclear whether the results will translate into a meaningful shift in policy. Democrats who published a letter in October calling on Biden to support “a negotiated settlement and ceasefire” and “engage in direct talks with Russia” lasted less than 24 hours before retracting their statement under intense pressure from their superiors in Washington.