Wednesday 1 February 2023 - 13:50

Turkish Base in Iraq’s Mosul Comes Under Rocket Attacks

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Turkish Base in Iraq’s Mosul Comes Under Rocket Attacks
An Iraqi security source reported that eight Grad missiles hit the Zelikan military base in Mosul on Wednesday morning.

According to the source, the casualties from the attack are still unknown.

Some news sources reported that the base was targeted with 20 rockets.

Zelikan military base, which is the headquarters of Turkish forces in the east of Mosul, has repeatedly been the target of rocket attacks in recent months.

Under the pretext of fighting PKK terrorists, Turkey has deployed its troops in areas of northern Iraq and Syria and is conducting aerial attacks on parts of the northern areas of these countries. Turkey's action has been met with strong reactions from the legitimate and legal governments of Baghdad and Damascus.

Iraq has demanded the withdrawal of all Turkish troops from its soil and considers Ankara's excuse for keeping Turkish troops inside Iraqi territory unacceptable.