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German Healthcare Workers Strike for Better Pay

14 Mar 2023 11:43

Islam Times - Healthcare workers in Germany held a two-day warning strike after negotiations with the government for salary increases for around 2.5 million public sector employees nationwide failed.

Hundreds of workers marched in Stuttgart on Monday, with strikes planned in around 20 hospitals across the country.

Ver.di, a German trade union, called for the strikes, which included nurses, therapists, administrative staff, cleaners, laboratory assistants, and other professional groups.

Emergency service agreements were in place to ensure patient safety during the work stoppages. "The offer is too bad and it will not make up for the price increase.

There must be a collective agreement to secure the future of the employees," said Christina Ernst, a Ver.di member in Stuttgart.

Approximately 14,000 employees participated in work stoppages throughout the week.

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