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Iran, China, Russia Successfully Carry Out Nighttime Shooting Ops. in Joint Naval Drill

17 Mar 2023 22:19

Islam Times - Rear Admiral Mostafa Tajeddini, the spokesman for the joint military exercise in the Sea of Oman, has announced the successful completion of nighttime shooting operations against aerial targets by the participating units of Iran, China, and Russia.

The Joint Maritime Security Belt Exercise 2023, which involves the presence of surface and airborne units of the three countries, started in the northern Indian Ocean last night.

According to Tajeddini, the exercise was designed based on a common tactical language between the naval forces of Iran, including the Naval Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Army and the IRGC, as well as the naval forces of China and Russia.

He stressed that nighttime shooting operations against aerial targets require coordination and detailed instructions.

The aim of the joint exercise is to strengthen security and its foundations in the region, expand multilateral cooperation among the three countries, and demonstrate their goodwill and ability to support global peace, maritime security, and the creation of a maritime community with a common future.

This is the fourth joint exercise of Iran, China, and Russia in recent years.

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