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Protests Surround Homes of Israeli Regime’s Officials, Including Netanyahu

18 Mar 2023 10:28

Islam Times - Multiple protests were held outside the homes of the Israeli regime’s politicians in occupied Palestine on Friday, with approximately 300 people protesting outside Benjamin Netanyahu's house in Caesarea, ahead of the eleventh consecutive Saturday of demonstrations.

Protestors chanted slogans such as "the destruction of the state" and carried signs with Netanyahu's image reading "this is where the dictator lives" and "we deserve a better future."

Other politicians whose homes were surrounded by protesters included environmental protection minister Idit Silman, intelligence minister Gila Gamliel, justice minister Yariv Levin, defense minister Yoav Galant, MK Yuli Edelstein, and agriculture and rural development minister Avi Dichter, according to the regime’s media outlets.

At Silman's home, demonstrators called for her resignation and for her to "atone for the overthrow of the previous government."

Gamliel's home was also surrounded by protesters, who called her a fascist. Graffiti was found at Levin's home, with the message that he was the "enemy of the people."

Dozens of protesters also gathered in front of Galant's home in Moshav Amikam and Edelstein's home in Herzliya, while around 300 people demonstrated in front of Dichter's home in Ashkelon. During the demonstration at Dichter's home, an object was thrown at a window of the conference hall, causing it to break.

Protests are expected to take place in about 120 locations across the occupied territories on Saturday. Protest organizers have stated that next week the Israeli regime intends to “pass the laws of dictatorship and religious coercion”. Hundreds of thousands across the occupied Palestine have planned to stand up against the leaders of the Israeli regime.

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