Saturday 25 March 2023 - 22:42

15 Syrians Beheaded by ISIL in Hama

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15 Syrians Beheaded by ISIL in Hama
The group slit the throats of seven civilians and eight Syrian fighters on Thursday, while 40 others are still missing.
Truffle hunting season is a significant source of income for many Syrians as these delicacies fetch high prices, especially in a country that has been ravaged by a 12-year-long war and an ongoing economic crisis. Unfortunately, this has also made them a target for extremist fit attacks.
Since February, ISIS has targeted truffle hunters, killing at least 150 people, mostly civilians, or planting land mines, which have resulted in numerous casualties. The latest attack is just another example of the war crimes committed by the terrorist group, which has been responsible for countless atrocities against the Syrian people.
ISIS and other terrorist groups in 2017 collapsed and were defeated after four years of extensive terrorist operations in Syria and Iraq and occupying major parts of these two countries. However, its cells and remnants still carry out operations against civilians and security forces in Iraq and Syria.