Tuesday 28 March 2023 - 14:32

Iranian Spokesman Comments on ‘Israeli’ Protests: ‘House of Occupiers on Fire’

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Iranian Spokesman Comments on ‘Israeli’ Protests: ‘House of Occupiers on Fire’
“The house of the war-mongering occupiers is on fire,” Kanaani said in a post on his Twitter account on Monday after tens of thousands of Zionist settlers poured into the streets of the occupied territories for the third consecutive day this week in protest against Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s proposed ‘judicial reforms.’

“The efforts of the criminal prime minister of the ‘Israeli’ regime to increase his power and survive has triggered the most unprecedented protests and street clashes among usurpers of the land of Palestine, thus once again exposing the internal fault lines of the Zionist society,” the spokesman added.

“What is preposterous is that the US and European countries, particularly Britain, keep supporting a fake regime which is built on occupation and apartheid under the pretext of democracy,” Kanaani said.

The Monday protests came after Netanyahu fired the regime's war minister, Yoav Gallant, over his criticism of the controversial plan.

Netanyahu’s proposed reforms seek to rob the Zionist entity’s so-called Supreme Court of the power to overrule decisions made by the regime's new extremist cabinet and Knesset [parliament].

The changes will also enable lawmakers to override the court's rulings with a simple majority, while giving them a bigger say in the selection committee that appoints the judges.

Mass protests have gripped the ‘Israeli’ occupation regime since it announced the plan in January. Tens of thousands of demonstrators have faced off against police in the streets for the past 12 weeks.