Sunday 2 April 2023 - 02:17

Zionist War Minister Likely to Keep Job After Apologizing

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Zionist War Minister Likely to Keep Job After Apologizing
Netanyahu fumed at Gallant for the prime-time address he gave last Saturday evening in which he warned that the ‘Israeli’ divide over the overhaul had infiltrated the ‘Israeli’ military and security agencies, impacting their operational capacity, and posed a “tangible threat” to the Zionist regime’s security.

Netanyahu took issue with the content of Gallant’s message, given Netanyahu’s desire to pass the ‘legislation’ radically curbing the so-called ‘High Court’s’ power. But he was particularly furious over its timing — Gallant delivered his speech while Netanyahu was visiting London.

Gallant is prepared to issue an apology in writing, but only for the timing of the speech, as he still stands by the original warning he made a week ago, ‘Israeli’ Channel 12 said Friday, without citing any sources.

‘Israeli’ Channel 13 and the KAN broadcaster carried similar reports, all of them unsourced. Channel 12 said that a mere apology would not be sufficient for Netanyahu, and claimed, without elaboration, that Gallant would also have to confirm his loyalty to Netanyahu.

For his part, Gallant reportedly feels that he was left with no choice but to make the speech after Netanyahu ignored his concerns for weeks regarding the damage the ‘judicial overhaul’ was causing to the military.