Sunday 2 April 2023 - 13:51

Yemen Warns of ‘Surprising’ Attacks on Saudi, UAE

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Yemen Warns of ‘Surprising’ Attacks on Saudi, UAE
“The opportunity provided by a general amnesty (announced by Yemen’s Ansarullah resistance movement) must be seized. If the aggressor coalition commits any foolish act, there will be surprising measures and major attacks on Saudi Arabia or the UAE with effects on the entire region,” spokesman for the Yemeni armed forces Brigadier General Yahya Sare’e said at the closing ceremony of a military course in Sana’a on Saturday.

He also advised the Yemenis who are fighting in the ranks of the Saudi-led coalition to return to their homes.

“Our advice to those who are still in the ranks of the aggressors is that the door is still open and that they should return to their villages and families before the door is closed. They should learn lessons from eight years of war,” Sare’e said.

The Yemenis, he added, are “the fuel of the war” as they are fighting on the front lines of the battle instead of Saudi and Emirati soldiers.

“The deceived should defect because the Saudis and the Emiratis will not remain the occupiers of Yemen … The aggression is coming to an end and the armed forces are determined to expel every occupier from the country... Our message to the invaders is that what you did not achieve over the past eight years, you will not get in the future,” the spokesman said.