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US Student Faces Death Threats after Condemning “Israel”

2 Jun 2023 11:16

Islam Times - A female Yemeni-American Muslim student has reportedly received death threats after using a speech at the City University of New York [CUNY] to condemn the “Israeli” entity’s brutal treatment of Palestinians.

Fatima Mohammed, who is currently studying for the New York State Bar examination, used her speech at CUNY School of Law commencement ceremony on May 12 to issue an outspoken tirade addressing the entity’s recurrently deadly aggression against Palestinians.

According to reports, she has been subject to death threats and Islamophobia, “causing her and her family to fear for their safety.”

Democracy Now! – an hour-long American TV – released an excerpt of the speech, through which Mohammed denounced the occupying entity for continuing “to indiscriminately rain bullets and bombs on worshipers, murdering the old, the young, attacking even funerals and graveyards.”

She also underlined the apartheid entity’s support for settler violence against the Palestinians, noting how Tel Aviv “encourages lynch mobs to target Palestinian homes and businesses.”

Further during the speech, Mohammed reminded that “Israel” continued to “imprison [Palestinian] children, as it continues its project of settler colonialism, expelling Palestinians from their homes.”

CUNY School of Law live-streamed the ceremony but removed the video from its YouTube channels only hours later.

On Tuesday, the university denounced her for delivering a “hate speech”. Several American media outlets, including the New York Post, as well as many officials, such as New York City Mayor Eric Adams, have also been issuing an incessant torrent of criticism against her by characterizing her speech as “anti-Semitic.”

Mohammed, however, has, meanwhile, been receiving supportive statements and gestures, including on the part of dozens of CUNY Law staff and students, who have requested the university to withdraw its May 30 statement and apologize to her.

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