Sunday 4 June 2023 - 23:38

Israeli Officials Yell in Pain: Egyptian Remarks about Border Attack are Insolent

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Israeli Officials Yell in Pain: Egyptian Remarks about Border Attack are Insolent
It is worth noting that Zaki had stated that the Egyptian cop was chasing drugs smugglers near the borders with occupied Palestine when he opened fire and killed three Zionist soldiers.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday demanded a full joint investigation with Cairo.

“Israel relayed a clear message to the Egyptian government. We expect that the joint investigation will be exhaustive and thorough,” Netanyahu told his cabinet in televised remarks.

Zionist Helicopters

According to Israeli reports, the military helicopters failed to rush into the scene of the attack due to the technical maintenance they were undergoing. This made the ground forces, the reports added, move forward to clash with the Egyptian cop.

Haaretz newspaper indicated that a probe has to be conducted in order to identify whether the situation on Egypt border will develop negatively, adding that the shooting exposed the fragility of the measures taken by the Zionist occupation.

Haaretz also described the operation as dangerous and unusual, saying that, during the past decade, no similar attacks were recorded.

One Egyptian Cop Embarrassed ‘Israel’

Former commander of military intelligence Amos Yadlin indicated that the attack was painful, calling, however, for maintaining the ties with the Egyptian neighbors.

Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper noted that the occupation army has started an investigation into all the details of the attack, adding that all the military measures embarrassingly failed to prevent the infiltration of the cop.

Details of the Operation

The Egyptian cop was carrying a Holy Koran Book, a firearm, a knife that he used to cut the zip ties at the border barrier, and six magazines of ammunition.

Reports added that he walked for five kilometers before opening at the Zionist soldiers operation at a monitoring post. Few hours later, an Israeli drone located him before a clash erupted between the Egyptian cop and a Zionist ground force. He killed one occupation soldier before embracing martyrdom.