Thursday 8 June 2023 - 10:58

A Hero from Lebanon: This Land Belongs to Us!

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A Hero from Lebanon: This Land Belongs to Us!
The resisting farmer provided an honorable scene to the world, underscoring the equation of deterrence against the Zionist occupiers, the enemies of humankind. Defenseless yet stronger than the fortified ‘Israeli’ soldiers, Nasser defied the enemy’s threats, using his body to prevent the Zionist bulldozer from advancing in his land.

The man stood as a tree, deep-rooted in the soil of his own land, against the Zionist greed. His stance, however, was a sounding message to the entire world that the people of resistance are present in every field, armed with their will, and are ready at any moment to confront the Zionist enemy’s terrorism.

Nasser’s action is a depiction of the authentic patriotic Lebanese people, especially the southerners, who are determined to restore their occupied lands in the Shebaa Farms and the Kfarchouba Hills.

This man represented only one example, among many uncovered others, that the equation of deterrence imposed on the Zionist enemy by the resistance, is also protected and embraced by the Lebanese people’s will of resistance, stretching along Lebanon’s borders with the occupied Palestine, from Kfarchouba Hills, southward until Naqoura.